Books: Brave By Faith by Alistair Begg

Posted By on June 13, 2021

BraveByFaith_Begg2021The current pile of books to read is too high for my nighttime side table;  I think I need to move a few to my office … or better yet, finish reading them!

Since Alistair Begg is a favorite teaching pastor of ours (Parkside Church was our home church when we lived in NE Ohio), I opted to include his new book Brave By Faith in a pile of tiny gifts to Brenda for our anniversary last weekend. She really liked the “wooden” rose (petals made of woodshop shavings) and of course Good & Plenty licorice candy … but I think both of us will enjoy reading Alistair’s new 2021 book.

Those who know me are familiar with my double-duty gift giving so there’s no surprise in buying a book that we’ll both read.


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