Books (audio): In “Search of a Kingdom” by Laurance Bergreen

Posted By on July 28, 2021

InSearchOfKingdom_audiobookPerhaps it is my aging eyes, just worn out in the evening … or just too many distractions when the TV is on … but my book reading has slowed a bit. Of the several books sitting next to my chair, on my Kindle or iPad, InSearchofaKingdom_bookpagemost have been started, but sit unfinished. 

So this past week I’ve stared an Age of Discovery audiobook called “In Search of a Kingdom” by historian and biographer Laurence Bergreen. Harper Collins published this book earlier this year and since I’ve always enjoyed the minutia when learning about voyaging history, this book holds my interest. It is difficult to imagine how different living in the 1500s was like in civilized society was … but hearing details from those exploring, plundering and trying to stay alive on board ships at sea.

In “In Search of a Kingdom,” Queen Elizabeth I and Francis Drake from 1600 century England challenged Spain’s dominance at sea and exploration. These two “helped set chart the course for the future British Empire,” and Bergreen tells account of Drake’s remarkable circumnavigation with intriguing details … which are enough to keep me reading/listening.


If you enjoy reading history, voyages of exploration, pirating and seafaring stories, then “In Search of a Kingdom” (Amazon Link) might just be for you (Link to add-on PDF audio enhancement file).


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