The legendary Thomas Sowell and his economics, politics and social theory highlighted by Jason Riley for PragerU

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As a longtime subscriber to the Wall Street Journal (and for the last decade or so Barron’s), I’ve learned to appreciate certain journalists, economists and opinion piece writers like Jason Riley at the Manhattan Institute. WealthPovertyWhen he told the inspiring story of Thomas Sowell for PragerU, I quickly viewed the video and applauded – well done. I also look forward to reading his new (2021) book,  “Maverick: A Biography of Thomas Sowell.”

As an advocate for the conservative economic and social views of Thomas Sowell, I’ve learned to appreciate how he “followed the facts” as it move him from being an idealist who started out as a Marxist … to someone who advocates for free market capitalism. As the Hoover Institution where Sowell as been a Senior Fellow since 1980 (he is now 91), we are “advancing ideas that promote economic opportunity and prosperity, while securing and safeguarding peace for America and all mankind.”

More recently Thomas Sowell has been quoted on institutional and systemic racism and sees it as a piece of propaganda pushed on the American people (link).

Sowell has said that “it really has no meaning that can be specified and tested in the way that one tests hypotheses” and “it’s one of many words that I don’t think even the people who use it have any clear idea what they’re saying”. He has argued that it is a propaganda tactic akin to those used by Joseph Goebbels because it comes with an attitude that it must be “repeated long enough and loud enough” until it is believed and people “cave in” to it.

This post also give me an excuse to post a YouTube video link from Sowell’s mentor Milton Friedman (below)… that are always worth watching and thinking about (also an excellent conversation Rules_for_Radicalson the Phil Donahue Show – inflation discussion begins at 26 min mark). It is hard to believe liberty-loving Americans are fighting the same kind of leftist today as we were 50+ years ago … which means their infiltration of education, the media, government and grassroots community organizing (as Saul Alinsky promoted in his Rules for Radicals: A Pragmatic Primer – 1971) is gaining ground. As with all heavily centrally controlled Marxist, Socialist and Communist regimes,  they start with an ideology of pie-in-the-sky idealism. Charismatic leaders always seem to promote equity propaganda and focus their energy on dividing society based on ethnicity, class, race or economics. Idealists believe the Marxist underpinnings, although most who have studied history or compare the statistical odds should know the “shared misery” that comes with Socialism. Once there, those in power do whatever it takes to remain in power … usually through heavy-handed control.

How about this … Déjà vu!


Three and a half decades ago, Soviet defector and KGB operative Yuri Bezmenov, specializing in the fields of Marxist-Leninist propaganda and ideological subversion; warned us about the silent war being waged against America as part of a long term plan to take over and destroy the American system and way of life.


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