Independence Day 2021: Stand for the “Red, White and Blue”

Posted By on July 4, 2021

Well … no surprise, but divisiveness (or just a “put the spotlight on me”) continues in our free-to-protest country. At one time, standing for our flag, appreciating living free from government oppression in America and singing … or at least respecting … our National Anthem was nearly universal, but in the past decade, not so much.


So as most of us celebrate our independence on July 4th, and the sacrifices of so many for our freedom, there are forces within our “porous” borders (and plenty of adversaries on the outside) who prefer to tear down our country and want to “change America.”

Thankfully, if you still stand for the flag, sing the National Anthem and love the USA, you’re not alone. MarkLevin_AmericanMarxism_avalilable210713I’m positive that the vast majority are still thankful we had visionary founders in 1776 and revolutionists who were willing to fight for freedom … and are willing to do the same today. There is still much to be optimistic about even though unity, common ground or even recognition of all the achievements and advancements in America aren’t things leftists, socialists or race-focused America haters acknowledge. So today, if you love your country, ignore them and celebrate the Fourth of July the way every American who appreciates liberty should!  

Hm, this Might be a good time to pre-order Mark Levin’s new book, “American Marxism,” coming out on July 13, 2021?


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