Our Samsung side-by-side Refrigerator Icemaker has failed

Posted By on September 25, 2021


I’m going write this Samsung Refrigerator failed icemaker blog post up with the idiom that “they don’t make them like they used to.”

I’m not exactly sure what electrical part has failed, but the electrical circuit or electronic board that controls the thaw/motor swipe to remove the frozen cubes from the small 8-cube ice tray is not working. I spent way too much time diagnosing from the aspect of “resetting” and forced defrost to realize that it is something in the icemaker circuit itself. I manually used a heat gun to see if I could get the motor to turn the fingers (and it sort of does) but sense that the problem is in getting the heat bars to turn on that warms up the tray for a few minutes. I’ve concluded that it should heat the tray just enough so the cubes can be flipped out of the small tray and start the circuit all over again.


In the end, I ended up removing the entire panel from the door without turning off the refrigerator and freezer and decided to order a new icemaker part. If they are regularly selling the entire part (and not smaller components), it looked as if it is wiser to buy the entire icemaker than trying to solder in a new circuit board or replacing the heater.


Stay tuned and cross your fingers that the problem isn’t deeper in our 7-year old Samsung RS22HDHPNSR fridge.


appropriate Samsung RS22HDHPNSR Side by Side refrigerator


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