A response test, but also an online advertising warning

Posted By on October 28, 2021

I noticed that Thursday’s post disappeared from the blog so in a quick attempt to repost the graphic, here we go again.

One of the “very small” perks of using the Brave browser on the web is that it offers the option to accept fairly non-invasive advertising and links on the default home page and then pay YOU in $BAT (crypto) every so often. Over the past couple of years, I’ve purposely clicked on them to see if it is worth the invasion. Often the advertising is related to cryptocurrency, but occasionally “normal” ads appear too. One such ad is for lending and writing mortgages on properties.

So as a test, I decided to follow through with filling out the information discretely (Google Voice number and email address) to see if 1) the BAT award would be higher (don’t know yet) and 2) just how invasive the follow-up would be (pretty significant in just a few minutes).

My word of warning is that don’t give out your home phone or cellphone if you should decide to check on an ad … in this case, refinance “mortgage rates.” Shocking immediate response.


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