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Posted By on October 3, 2021

While slowly getting going on Saturday, the Fox and Friends Weekend broadcast was on in the background. A frustrating … and depressing story … from an  older veteran, retired Col Leonard B Scott III, the “Old Ranger,”  from ColLeonardBScott_Oklahoman200925Edmond, Oklahoma (who had his flags stolen), caught my ear and irritated me a how some people in our country disrespect both those who serve and the flag these patriots honor and serve under.

What is it going to take to get some current and future Americans to appreciate this country, the freedom we have and show some respect for those who put their life on the line to preserve liberty? I particularly thought his comment about 1 minute 30 seconds into the interview was poignant: “.. so many people don’t appreciate the sacrifice and its sad for us … to have people go by and shoot us the finger and cuss us out … it just really heartbreaking for us old guys holding the American flags.” (audio below)

Leonard B. Scott on Fox & Friends | 10/2/2021>

I may just have to start reading a few of his books!

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Charlie Mike
Hardcover Paperback Kindle

The Last Run
Hardcover Paperback Kindle

The Expendables
Hardcover Paperback Kindle

The Iron Men
Hardcover Paperback Kindle

The Hill
Hardcover Paperback Kindle

Duty Bound
Hardcover Paperback Kindle

Forged in Honor
Hardcover Paperback Kindle

Solemn Duty
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Publication Order of Non-Fiction Books

The Battle of Hill 875, Dak To, Vietnam 1967
Hardcover Paperback Kindle

About Leonard B. Scott

The American action thriller writer Leonard B. Scott is well known for his exciting and tense pot-boilers which really engage the reader on multiple levels. Knowing his audience well, he understands the format, showing war as it actually is, all whilst making sure to entertain the reader. This has made for a number of memorable and interesting books over the duration of his literary career, creating a legacy for himself quite unlike any other. Keeping his readers hooked continually throughout, he definitely understands the genre as well, making sure that it works for him.

With experience of his own spent serving as a colonel in the United States armed forces, he would see action in Vietnam. Now a retired veteran following his time spent there, he’s got more than enough experience to draw from, creating a colorful backlog of work. Many of his books would also feature soldiers stationed in war zones, drawn together in battle, and fighting back against all odds. Written with a sense of authenticity, he never shies away from the truth of situation, all the while creating compelling characters and storylines.

The characters themselves would be well established feeling like wholly real people upon the page, speaking directly to the reader. This is something that would develop over the course of his writing career, ensuring each of his protagonists remained with readers long after they’d put the book down. Researching his novels in-depth beforehand too, he makes sure to leave nothing out, as there’s a huge amount of detail included. This is something that will continue to find him readers from around the world for many more years to come still.

Early and Personal Life

Growing up in America, it would be the experience that Leonard B. Scott had during his time spent serving in the army that would come to define much of his writing. Heavily influencing his output, his time as a Colonel in the forces would give him material for a lot of his stories to follow. Retiring fully as a colonel in 1994 he would first serve in the Vietnam War, giving him a lot of time in the army, as he would come to see a great deal of action.

Sent on assignments all over the world, he was a veteran earning a Purple Heart along with a Silver Star during his time. Researching his novels extensively, he’d spend a lot of his time there getting ideas to put into his next book. Currently living with his wife in Oklahoma, he would move back to his home state where he grew up, as he carries on writing to this present day.

Writing Career

It was back in 1985 that Leonard B. Scott would make his literary debut with the novel ‘Charlie Mike,’ which was an action war thriller. This would be released while he was still a colonel in the army, making for an authentic and realistic account of what it was actually like. Most of his other novels would also be stand-alone titles much like his first, as he wouldn’t produce any series as such. He would also bring out a non-fiction account in 1988 titled ‘The Battle of Hill 875, Dak to Vietnam,’ cementing his reputation as one of the major chroniclers of the Vietnam war of his time.

The Expendables

Originally coming out through the ‘Ballantine Books’ publishing label, this would first come out in 1991 to much acclaim. A stand-alone book, it’s set during the Vietnam War, with plenty of action taking place throughout, showing soldiers in battle. The book isn’t a part of any series as such, with its self-contained story, making it a must for fans of the both the genre and the author.

There’s a lot of factual information here, setting the story around a real battle that took place during the Vietnam War. Combining fact and fiction, the story itself is a fictional account of four men’s experience of a real-life famous battle. Paying a lot of attention to detail, Scott draws from his own experience, and it feels extremely real, giving a clear idea of what it was actually like.

Set during the Battle of Ira Drang in Vietnam, this sees a group of ragtag individuals from different walks of life taking part in the conflict. Coming together the four men have absolutely nothing in common to begin with, facing death and danger head-on from the outset. The battle itself was thirty-five days long, with numerous men not returning, as they all battle to stay alive. With 304 men not returning, this story focuses on the men during their ordeal, and the bonds they form as the Expendables.

Forged in Honor

Once again published through the ‘Ballantine Books’ publishing imprint, this initially came out in May 1995. Featuring another stand-alone action thriller story, this would show plenty of drama and tension on an international platform. It also manages to deliver when it comes to exciting action and suspense once more too, as it’s another classic story from Scott.

This is a tightly knit and interwoven story with plenty going on throughout, gaining a fast paced and exciting momentum. Over the course of the book at manages to build upon the tension and suspense effectively, all whilst sufficiently delivering plenty of action too. The characters manage to shine through as well, really allowing the story and the world to come to life, letting the reader become invested in what’s happening.

Called back into service by the president himself, the formerly retired Special Forces colonel Joshua Hawkins is sent on an assignment following the bombing of the American embassy in Burma. Having an affinity for the area, Hawkins has close ties with the Shan tribe, a mountain warrior clan in the mountains of northern Burma. Previously training with them, he must now save his Shan friend, along with serving his government, as they take down a heroin syndicate and a corrupt government. Do they have what it takes to finish the job? Can they fight to see another day? What will happen as they both find themselves forged in honor?

  Leonard B. Scott on Fox & Friends | 10/2/2021


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