Replaced MyQ module CR2450 battery on the garage door

Posted By on November 13, 2021

MyQBattery_CR2450For Christmas in 1999, Katelyn and Drew gave me the MyQ hardware to “smarten up” one of the garage doors … well at least the opener. It permits a smartphone to control, adding authorize users and ability monitor garage door access. A couple of weeks I received a warning that the battery was “low” and needed to be replaced. It is now a couple years old, so that doesn’t seem too bad?

After contemplating a run to the hardware store, I opted to buy 10 CR2450 batteries for under $5.00 from Amazon. Speaking of Amazon, the MyQ setup works well with their Key Service and permits a delivery driver access to the garage … so as long as you trust them. So far, never a problem (see previous post).

I’m not a fan of replacing batteries, but it was no big deal since this one lasted two years and was pretty simple to replace. I only wish the Samsung Smartthings hub connected to the battery motion sensor and door sensors at the condo had batteries that would last more than 6 months.

Next on the “before winter” to-do list is to figure out why the LED lights I put up in 2018 on the back of the pool house garage aren’t working. Grr!


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