Advice: Consider replacing the wax ring seal on your toilet

Posted By on December 5, 2021

MasterBathToiletLeak211130It might be a good idea to replace, or at least check, the wax ring seal on your toilet … as the line goes, “ask me how I know.” It seems ours was fine for 25 years, but at some point decided to drip when flushed. Slowly but surely the drip turned into a wet spot under the tile (didn’t damage the wood subfloor) and dripped onto our finished drywall ceiling in the basement. Earlier this year, I thought all was well when I fished through the TV signal box wiring, but obviously not.

After cutting away all the damp drywall and after removing the insulation material (in our basement media/game room area) … I found the culprit. So after removing the toilet and “electing” Brenda to do some deep Clorox cleaning in the master bath … I headed to Home Depot to pick up thepremium ring with 40% more wax … just in case.

Instead of patching the drywall, I am planning to add a framed panel in the ceiling so that I can remove and access the drain pipes that merge in this spot (hopefully never to be needed again, but who knows).

I’m not really happy with the “removable panel” look … and might still end up patching with drywall again. 🤔


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