Superbowl LVI bound Cincinnati Bengals are AFC Champions

Posted By on January 31, 2022

If there was ever a time to live in Cincinnati, Ohio … this year would be it! It has been a long time coming from hardcore Bengals fans, but the “youngsters” playing in the competitive field of Superbowl_LVI_setNFL superstars on this particular team believe in themselves, their coach and their teammates. There isn’t much doubt the Sportsbook folks aren’t taking in account the unique talent that the Bengals have on their team in making the Rams a 4-point favorite … as when they get it together, this “playing with heart” group of players are almost unbeatable.

Obviously the Bengals have a talented franchise quarterback in Ohio’s own Joe Burrow, but also have a BUNCH of players who have risen to each challenge and contributed to bringing Cincinnati to the promise land: SUPERBOWL LVI.


It could not have been more apparent than in the 2nd half of the AFC game against Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs. They were silenced by the underrated Cincinnati defense in the second half. The Bengals, who were 18 point behind, rallied to win in overtime 27-24 yesterday (like nearly all of this seasons’ playoff games) creating an earthquake of excitement in nearly all of Ohio … including NW Ohio (photo below: my granddaughters). I even heard from my Steelers buddy Mark, who is retired in Georgia,  “admitting” he was cheering for the Bengals (that likely hasn’t ever happened in my lifetime! HA!) We are looking forward … “nervously” … to Sunday, February 13th; this could be OUR YEAR or as the confident young Bengals would say, “it is our year.”

 Who Dey!



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