Watching the Bengals in the NFL playoffs … and a shampoo rant

Posted By on January 30, 2022

SuaveMen2in1_Shampoo_sRule the playoffsSince we will be focused on watching football and especially the Cincinnati Bengals this weekend, I’m pre-posting something SuaveLogothat frustrates me when going to the grocery or drugstore.

I know the inexpensivebrand” of shampoo that I like, but Suave for Men makes so many different blends, bottle sizes and labels that I can never remember or find  my favorite. So, I’m archiving the empty bottle to see if I can find it at the store. Walgreens has recently failed me (bought the wrong one) and I have way too much of the “3-in-1” with the conditioner from a previous purchase … but could not find the Suave 2-in-1 “Hair and Body Wash” that I bought the last time. Have they discontinued it?

It is very frustrating.


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