Tackled office painting and a minor winter weekend project

Posted By on January 11, 2022

ProjectBoardForDK220109The past weekend projects consisted mostly of trim painting and then roller painting the long and drawn out office update project. Part of it is due to other things getting prioritized … like Christmas and family … and some of it out of my dislike for painting. BUT, I finally “cut” or trim painted all the edges on Saturday and then rolled the walls on Sunday afternoon … but did take  a couple breaks for the final season games of football. The other more enjoyable mini-project was a kitchen backsplash filler board for Katelyn and Drew’s kitchen. Since they can’t match the missing counter backsplash material, I’ve cut and planned an exact size piece of wood, then puttied, sealed with sanding sealer (photo) and primed for them. They will then try to match-color paint and spot-glue in place. It will definitely look better than the missing section and fill the gap behind the countertop.


Also I used my Christmas present from my son-in-law Drew … a bright rechargeable LED worklight! Nice! The photos above also show the area of wall where the new Samsung QLED TV screen will hang (thank you Brenda – her present to me).  The taped up brackets towards the top were made to hang a small Yamaha SR-C20A sound barslightly tilted. It has a “voice-enhancing” feature … since I primarily listen to business news. My purpose in tilting was to keep the lower space in front free and all the wires either behind the screen or fitted through the wall plate/pipe and into the closet space (with power) for a clean of an install as possible. We’ll see how it goes?



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