Office project patching update photos and banana bread #TBT

Posted By on September 16, 2021

Here are a few leftover project photos from the weekend for Throwback Thursday #TBT to add to PatchingMultipleOutlets210912the personal archive. Normally we make banana bread in the full-size Bosch oven when our bananas go soft and brown, but  I keep trying to get the convection baking setting correct on our toaster ovennot bad this time!


The slow home office update project is inching along now that summer is winding down. The closet was finally cleared and crack patching started as I used a two part method to repair stress cracks. First chip out the cracked drywall in a “V” shape then fill with either automotive body filler (Bondo) or Durham’s Rock Hard Water Putty that I’ve used for decades – one can of powder lasts a lifetime. Then use a normal drywall compound and sand as usual. I also painted the ceiling, but after trying to stretch a gallon of paint, realized it will need a second coat.


For those who have used the Internet and connected online in a variety of ways over the years, here are a few from my office and why there were so many boxes (oh, and check out this snarled rate’s nest from the cable days). The patching of the wall behind my corner desk pretty much tells the story (photo above).

Here’s a list of difference wired connections:

  1. Standard phone line and dial up modem (the only connection available)
  2. Twin phone company wired 128Kb ISDN lines giving us 256Kb up and down with Cat5 cabling throughout the house when we built it in 1995
  3. StarBand Satellite 2-way broadband Internet
  4. Adelphia, then TimeWarner and Spectrum cable TV and Internet
  5. Cincinnati Bell Fioptics fiber optics broadband to the house 


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