Workshop Wednesday: Frame-making and a crown molding jig

Posted By on January 19, 2022

CrownMoldingJig220112For the lack of a better subject line, this will be called a Workshop Wednesday post … even though I’m rarely in the workshop on Wednesdays (it was last weekend).

Anyway, I was busy making a jig to help cut the “cheap” (and I mean “cheaply made”) crown molding that I purchased from Wayfair for my home office. I’ve never mastered cutting crown moldings and can still recall laughing about one situation for years with my father-in-law while we were working on his late son’s gorgeous new house overlooking Lake Chautauqua in Bemus Point, NY. This was pre-Internet website help and both of us struggled for hours to get the cuts right and still never really figured it out. Even a few years ago when updating the condo kitchen, I felt like I was doing that same thing again – a good laugh though. Crown moldings are obviously one of those skills that you lose or forget if you aren’t doing them everyday.


Back to the “frame-making” part of this post. Since I framed the penguin painting back in 2019 for one granddaughter after our trip to the Newport Aquarium, I figured with a birthday coming up in February it was time to get last summers penguin art framed using my recycled printing galley tray wood for my second granddaughter.



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