Archive: Slow progress on a customized child’s rocking chair

Posted By on February 19, 2022

EllerieRockingChairOakDoweling220213I used the word “customized” because besides getting the “rocker” for this chair from a set of plans … for safety sake … I’ve been tweaking the children’s rocking chair from collected ideas … and trial and error. Besides wanting to use dimensional lumber and running it through the planner for the frames, I’ve pulled couple ideas from other plans — like the single angled back post, seat and arm dimensions and slat on the back (not shown). The goal is to to use only oak dowels (photos above), biscuits and Titebond III waterproof glue on the project and no mechanical fasteners, then paint with anWoodworkersGlueBrush exterior paint so that the chair can be left out on a patio or deck (have I mentioned how much I like the Silicone Glue Spreading tool?)

Anyway, I’m archiving a few photos marking my slow woodworking project progress below.




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