Woodworking: The 100% Silicone Wood Glue Spreader Tool

Posted By on December 5, 2020

About a year ago I ordered two more bottles of Titebond III wood glue online (had great success using it for a fence repair), and on a WoodworkersGlueBrushwhim I added a goofy looking Titebrush glue brush.

I honestly expected it to get boogered up with dried glue and that I would soon be back to using disposable popsicle sticks to push the glue around. That couldn’t be farther from the truth … as this silly little silicone tipped glue brush has been fantastic. It semi-paints whatever wood glue I use evenly across the surfaces and has a simple wedge end that can be used to “butter” smaller areas, etc. Best of all, it is easy to wash out while still half-wet … or even cleans better if allowed to dry (the dried glue just peels off in one clump).


This is one of those woodworking tools that I’ve waited too long to purchase and can comfortably recommend to others (no I’m not a paid endorser .. but open to trying new products to review – hint, hint).  You should add this Titebrush or a similar one (or perhaps Rockler Micro glue brush set) to your “want” list. I can’t think of a better Christmas stocking stuffer for a woodworker this year.


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