Katya Nikiforova: Juggling skills extraordinaire #video

Posted By on May 31, 2022

Russian Katya Nikiforova has amazing juggling skills. Wow!

Katya Nikiforova

Born into a family of non-circus artists in a small town in Ukraine, as a child Katya performed gymnastics and dancing. At the age of 10, she studied at her first circus studio. She instantly fell in love with the art and by the age of 16 followed her older sister and went to Kyiv Circus Academy to become a professional circus artist. With her sister as her inspiration, Katya loved performing to the point where a full day of practice was not difficult for her. Everything was new and so interesting. Katya and her sister are the first generation of circus performers in the family.

Some 11 years later, Katya is still enjoying performing as a professional on stage. Her goal has always been to grow as an artist. She has performed in Italias Got Talent as well as Germany’s Got Talent and her videos have been shown all around the world. Katya left juggling for four years, because she fell in love with an acrobat with whom she worked together at the Cirque Du Soleil. Today, however, she is happy to be back in the world of juggling.



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