Reworking my old corner computer desk for the home office

Posted By on May 25, 2022

CornerDeskProjectEdging220522Now that the desk and hardwood floors are complete, and floor finish has cured enough in my home office, it is time to tackle the trim painting, putting the closet and bookshelves back. Another project I’ve been contemplating is to revitalize my older well-worn corner computer desk. Having used it for a couple of decades made me understand the shortcomings and so I’m going to modify it slightly.


The deeper sides, not shown, will be slightly larger to accommodate how I use the workspace and the beat up top and plastic edge trim will be replaced with 1/4” oak banding. For the surface, I’m using leather desk mat material I purchase “on the cheap;” hopefully it will make for a better worksurface and double as a mousepad? I’ve been testing it on my  basement office setup with my Apple mouse so far so good.



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