Birthday Book: “The Old Man and The Boy” by Robert Ruark

Posted By on May 24, 2022

TheOldManandTheBoyBookMy buddy Jeff Pitts is my go-to source for interesting books to read. For my birthday this year (we had lunch last Friday … a Mexican restaurant, of course), he gave me an older 1950’s era book by Robert Ruark called “The Old Man and The Boy.” I passed on reading my other books and started in on this one since he mentioned it reminded him of my relationship with my Grandpa Bluhm … something I’ve shared off and on with him since college for the last 45 years (shocker … we’ve been friends for 45 years!).

While doing a quick search for the book, I noticed that there is a follow up on Amazon called “The Old Man’s Boy Grows Older” … so if I like this one, I might have a sequel to read. Thanks Jeff, and for the “one-plus” birthday reminder (and inside joke since I’m older than him by several months).


Read a February 2022 GoodReads review from Jaydn Asay, who  is likely  generationally much younger than me, and I enjoyed reading his take on a book. He commented that it was a “view into the world and era that just doesn’t exist anymore,” when “traditional masculinity was a given and not controversial.”  The author Robert Ruark (1915-1966) grew up and wrote at a time when “views of masculinity, femininity and gender roles were not as problematic as they are in today’s world.”


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