Automotive freedom: The politics of fossil fuel factors in

Posted By on July 2, 2022

In one of my social media automotive threads, I saw this comparison graphic and it triggered my thinking … both from a “freedom to choose” and “work need” perspective vs a “forced to comply” based on ever-changing environmental concerns or fiscal reasons … usually by politicians (regulation, taxes, dis-incentives or incentives).


People are likely to view this graphic in different ways. Some see driving a full-size American pick-up truck as environmentally wasteful or harmful to the climate and the planet (and something to be discouraged or even punitively regulated), particularly when it is an urban/suburban commuting vehicle of choice. Others see this as American automotive freedom and as desirable as owning a larger than average home, buying the latest tech gadgets, taking time off work to travel or splurging on fine food, wine and entertainment. The beauty is that when politics aren’t the focus, having freedom to choose to buy a truck or small car is still the Smiley-thinking of you5-2451841135privilege of being a free-to-live your own life as an American. All to often though, those will different views butt heads, lobby and elect politicians who regulate, tax and manipulate free markets in very authoritarian ways to achieve a desired outcome. Is it even possible to maintain liberty if government keeps growing?


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