Books: “The Dying Citizen” by Victor Davis Hanson

Posted By on July 3, 2022

With a little travel and vacation time coming up, I went into my “want to read” list and downloaded “The Dying Citizen” from the local library to my Kindle. The 2021 book is a longer read (433 pages) from Victor Davis Hanson, a professor and military historian seen TheDyingCitizen-VictorDavisHansonregularly on Fox News and Fox Business.

If you are not tuned in to conservative news, or follow classical historians and prolific academic writers, you may recognize the Hanson from his 2019 book, “The Case for Trump.”

The president of Hillsdale College, Larry P. Arnn, sums up Hanson’s latest: “This is a book about an ongoing and threatening change of ‘regime,’ which means a change not only in how we are governed but also in how we live. To understand such a thing requires perspective: Victor Hanson is deeply educated in the classics, where knowledge of regimes was first developed. It also requires a close observation of what is happening today, about which he writes insightfully and in profusion. In this book, Hanson demonstrates yet again his command across time and for our time. This book and he are a treasure.”


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