Homemade Croutons: My mother would have smiled

Posted By on December 10, 2022

With inflation pushing grocery prices up, Brenda refuses to purchase store-bought croutons unless they are “on sale.” So since we had a quarter loaf of stale bread after our recent week away, I decided to cube and turn it into Rosemary, Italian seasoning, Garlic and Olive Oil croutons.

After making them (bake 10 minutes at 400 degrees),  I contemplated how my mother would have been proud to know we were not wasting stale bread. She always had old bread drying in the cupboard and would almost always make her own croutons … or assign me when I was a kid at home the duty of grinding the bread into crumb to be used on our fresh or freezer full of Lake Erie Yellow Perch. I can remember helping my Grandfather Bluhm, Uncle Bob and DadC cleaning wheelbarrows full of fish after successful weekends of fishing. What a life we lived in able to roll our boat down the beach and catch fish in the summer … or go out on the ice and icefish in the winter. A great childhood and great  memories.


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