Tech Friday: Moved my blog to an AMD Premium server while updating the OS to Ubuntu 22.04.1

Posted By on December 9, 2022

About this time of year the handful of servers that I maintain need to be looked at a little closer. Often I’m only doing the minimum maintenance, updates and backups … because there are often problems after an update. Pointing being, maintenance on this server have been getting over looked and put on the back burner.

So is getting some new hardware and a spiffy Linux “Jammy Jellyfish” update. After a few tense hours yesterday, I “think” it is updated and running smoothly?

For one reason or another, this year I decided to go all out (cough, cough) by spending an extra $12 and have updated the relatively low-priced hardware, as well as the Linux version (now Ubuntu 22.04.1). Instead of a teeny, tiny ,wimpy server, I’ve upgraded to a 64-bit AMD “Premium” … which mean it is now just a “tiny, wimpy” server.

It will be interesting if I notice any improvements? I’m dubious … as I still plan to move things to a Raspberry Pi someday.


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