A whirlwind medical week for Brenda (3 weeks of pain actually)

Posted By on January 14, 2023

Rich_XRayPhoto230107Prior to Christmas, Brenda was moving furniture around in our carpeted bedroom in order to clean behind our king size bed and headboard. She knew at the time it was too heavy, but continued to push and pull with her legs and hip. When I got home, I noticed the bed and nightstands were out of place and asked her why she moved it by herself? But like we’ve both done before, we think it’s no big deal.

Unfortunately later in the week she realized something wasn’t right since her hip and leg were in serious pain and as the days and then weeks progressed, it became impossible for her to put weight on it. Out came the walker from her 2015 injury and the assumption she must have inflamed something again as she did in 2020 … when she received her osteoporosis diagnosis. Thankfully back then, she slowly recovered from the compression fracture in her spine without surgery, but now realized she should NOT be lifting or moving heavy items OR for that matter doing anything where the risk of falling is high (she still can’t resist climbing up on ladders, be it for decorating the house or Christmas trees). Bone health is a big deal ladies … start when you are young getting a DEXA scan, calcium and on strengthening your bones.


Anyway to make this long story short-ERshe/we finally decided just resting was not improving anything as it was impossible to even move around with a walker. Finally after some x-ray imaging and a little coaxing from Katelyn, we heading to the ER. FIVE hours later, they admitted her, but there weren’t any rooms available at the hospital so they were using the rooms in the ER and those uncomfortable beds to hold patients (that was Saturday night). Thankfully Sunday afternoon a room became available and it was SO much more comfortable. Dr. Todd Kelley set her up as an extra surgery on Monday afternoon. After a long day of surgeries, he finished up a total hip replacement at 6PM and she was recovering and back in her room at 9PM (a long day). We were so appreciative he was able to squeeze her in as an emergency … I can’t imagine waiting in pain much longer.


Now with the surgery done, the difficult part start for Brenda with physical therapy and learning to walk on a new part (perhaps we can consult the guy below for PT?) We joke that she is becoming a bionic woman with so much titanium in her body (wrist, shoulder, hip). Let hope from this point forward she can strengthen her bones and avoid any further fractures. Pray for her full recovery and avoiding any further injuries!


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