Looking back 15 years on the blog and wondering what’s ahead?

Posted By on August 1, 2020

ArchiveTrip2005My goodness, where have the years gone!?! I know that I’m not the only one who asks that question, but when it stares me in the face from 6700 blog post ago … it is a big reminder.

I’ve noted in this post that 15 years ago Taylor and I headed up to see my friend Jeff in the Canadian Rockies. It was actually a third trip their for me, as I went once at age 16 in 1975, then again in 1989 when we took my mother and father-in-law as a family for their 40th anniversary. Thankfully I was able to take Taylor in 2005 … and he again went in the winter with a couple of his friends in 2014.

mtindefatigableviewThe thought has me contemplating going back with Brenda some day or maybe as a family (the discussion has come up) has me wondering if we’ll ever be able to really hike there again.

This may just been the current medical diagnosis talking as Brenda has a few hefty medical concerns … which could partially be leftover from her 2015 accident? She really did have a remarkable recovering considering the damage, but this past years has been dealing with back and leg pain. The initial treatment for this since January seemed to have her on the mend, but the last few month has reversed what we thought were gains. After recent multiple doctor visits and for a “better than X-Ray” look at things the diagnosis may not mean that there will be a quick fix. 

The MRI (below) reinforced the initial concerns that there were vertebrae fractures, but then getting the DEXA test also indicates she has osteoporosis. Now let’s hope the newer medicines (injections) for building bone and preventing more fractures works AND that the scheduled epidural will reduce swelling and get her some pain relief (primarily her leg). One step at a time. Prayers would be appreciated.



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