Sound advice for 2023, but am I disciplined enough to follow?

Posted By on January 8, 2023

BrettOwensForbesHSFor the past few years, I’ve enjoyed reading the often contrarian thoughts from Forbes contributor, Brett Owens. He writes and contributes investment advice in several publications, newsletters and columns. He co-authored an excellent book too!

2023 Rule #1: Don’t fight the Fed. Print this rule out and tape it next to your computer. Or the backside of your phone. Or whatever device you use to make trades.MartinZweig_WinningOnWallSt

As long as the Federal Reserve is tightening, the obvious path for all stock and bond prices is down.

“Don’t Fight the Fed” was chapter four in investing wizard Martin Zweig’s legendary Winning on Wall Street. He devoted 40 thoughtful pages to teaching readers why they should “go with the flow” with respect to the Fed’s trend.


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