Tech Friday: Looking for an Open Live Writer-like app

Posted By on January 20, 2023

While watching NFL playoff football this month, I started looking for a app like Blogsy or BlogPad Pro that was available “in the old days” in order to post from my iPad. Unfortunately it is looking as if fewer and fewer app developer are focused on blogging software. 

My preferred software “was” Microsoft’s Windows Live Writer, but it was shelved years ago … but the source code was opened enough that a open source group created Open Live Writer. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be all that active and suspect that sooner or later it will drift away.

Thankfully the WordPress software has a fairly decent web interface and is somewhat easy to edit and post using iOS, MacOS, Windows or Linux desktop from any browser. It is not my preferred interface, but perhaps it will just take a little getting used to?

If there are any WordPress bloggers reading along who have used either Live Writer or  Open Live Writer and have found similar solutions … let me know.

EDIT: While I’m looking at options, I’ll be giving MarsEdit on the Mac a try — test posting shortly. 



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