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Posted By on April 23, 2023

Brenda and Rich on Delray Beach FL - April 2023A trip to Florida would not be compete without at least one timeline marking photo of us … so this catch-up post with a few leftover photos from our “condo window installation” trip will start with a Brenda and Rich beach photo. 

Surf Fishing Delray Beach FloridaBetween a few rain and heavy wind days, we had some sunny and warm days too. A surf fisherman fought about 45 minutes with a large Crevalle Jack and finally hauled it in. It was amazing that it did not break more than his reel and after seeing the very small ‘now’ bent hook, Sea Urchin jabI was amazed it did not get away. Impressive. 

Shortly after that, I stepped on a Sea Urchin and thankfully was able to pull out the single spine in my foot … although the venom and jab was painful. All is well though, as it only left a bit of swelling and a sore foot. 

We both enjoyed seeing the turtle nests, the loon fishing in the surf (both below) and getting our 10,000 steps in on the beach, and from my non-medical point of view, Brenda is nearly fully rehabbed and able to walk comfortably and without much swelling … something that was not possible in February. All in all, we had a successful trip on all counts.

After the rain on Delray Beach Turtle Nest


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