Just another study on life expectancy and drinking alcohol

Posted By on April 15, 2023

For years now I have thought there was something to the Mediterranean diet and in drinking red wine with a meal. I’ve tried to put at least the “red wine” part of this into my regular diet and continue to read articles and studies that promote the positives of antioxidants for the heart — grape juice and red wine. Who knows what variables are missing from these studies?  

WSJ Jama Alcohol study - March 30, 2023

Anyway, a recent article in the WSJ has left me as confused as ever .. and so will continue to enjoy red wine with a meal and try to use common sense in hoping to fend off any heart issues (BTW, that is my red arrow on the chart above indicating longer life expectancy … and it was worth a smile). 😉 

… researchers set out to make sense of years of conflicting evidence on alcohol’s effect on health. Some research suggested that drinking alcohol improves life expectancy. Other studies had demonstrated poorer health outcomes at any level of drinking …



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