Books: Reading Yeonmi Park’s “While Time Remains”

Posted By on May 28, 2023

The “hold” for the ebook by Yeonmi Park titled “While Time Remains” became available this past weekend and even though I haven’t finished the last book I started; I guess I’m going to “start” another anyway (it is a “forever problem” — start a book, but never finish it). 

From all the interviews of her that I’ve watched and read, her insight from the perspective of someone growing up and living under the brutal Communist regime in North Korea, and now on what she is currently seeing in America is disturbing. Those of us who are watching the weaponization of government by power-seekers from the political left need to push back a little harder … especially at the ballot box. But more than that, we need to stop the brainwashing and leftist indoctrination by our education system and stop this growing dependence on government. I suspect I’m in agreement with Ms. Park, but her book should be an interesting read.

The North Korean defector, human rights advocate, and bestselling author of “In Order to Live” sounds the alarm on the culture wars, identity politics, and authoritarian tendencies tearing America apart.

After defecting from North Korea, Yeonmi Park found liberty and freedom in America. But she also found a chilling crackdown on self-expression and thought that reminded her of the brutal regime she risked her life to escape. When she spoke out about the mass political indoctrination she saw around her in the United States, Park faced censorship and even death threats.

In “While Time Remains”, Park sounds the alarm for Americans by highlighting the dangerous hypocrisies, mob tactics, and authoritarian tendencies that speak in the name of wokeness and social justice. No one is spared in her eye-opening account, including the elites who claim to care for the poor and working classes but turn their backs on anyone who dares to think independently.

Park arrived in America eight years ago with no preconceptions, no political aims, and no partisan agenda. With urgency and unique insight, the bestselling author and human rights activist reminds us of the fragility of freedom, and what we must do to preserve it.


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