Tech Friday: An Anker SD and MicroSD cardreader for USB-C

Posted By on August 4, 2023

Anker SD MicroSD CardreaderWhen trying to transfer photos and video from SD cards to a computer, you really need some kind of card reader. I have several that are USB readers, but none that are USB-C and will plug into my MacBook Air M2.

Anker Reader with packagingSo instead of a bulky dongle with extras, I opted for a small Anker (Amazon for $17.99) that will plug into the spare port along side the one providing power and connection to my hub. It should be convenient and inexpensive enough to used with my Lumix DSLR and keep in my camera bag (or recently replaced messenger travel bag). So far it works great .. although disappoint to see that it is made in China. 

Anker Made in China


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