Tech Friday: New Brydge Keyboard for my 10.2 inch iPad

Posted By on October 6, 2023

Brydge Keyboard for iPad

This is really nothing new … it is just an exact replacement of the Brydge 10.2 inch keyboard for my iPad (new above and 2020 photo below). After a few years of heavy use, my second Brydge Keyboard, now out of warranty, was starting ot show some age. This well made keyboard has a couple design flaws that I’ve been able to overlook, but they are still annoying. First, the stick-on rubber skid pads fall off after only a few months of use.  I’ve yet to find a glue or epoxy that will hold them in place. Again … really no big deal. Second, the charging port is weak and care must be taken when plugging in the micro-usb cable.

The third and bigger problem is that keys pops off. They are not fastened with any kind of secure mechanism that I could tell and required a dab of instant glue to 2020 image of iPad and Brydge Keyboardhold them back on … until they pop off again. Unfortunately, with gluing, they are not exactly as they should be. Besides that, I’ve also noticed that occasionally the Bluetooth keyboard has dead or dying keys. It is most noticeable when tapping the space bar but not having it transmit the “space” to the iPad. Tap, tap, tap … and eventually it will respond .. but it does make for irritation. 

The company has changed hands since purchasing my first and second keyboards and since I was well out of warranty, I did not expect a repair or replacement. What I did expect was a polite reply to my email, yet the company didn’t even respond to my issue. Thankfully I was able to shop around and find a NEW out of production version of this 10.2 keyboard for $35 (the company now makes something totally different). If this one lasts me until I’m in the market for a new iPad, I’ll call that a win. 


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