Tech Friday: My Brydge BT keyboard has a faulty USB socket

Posted By on November 16, 2018


The Brydge keyboard attached to my aging iPad Air2, which I love, has been slowly causing me a few irritation when it come to getting a connection while charging. The tightly sealed aluminum iPad2BTKeyboard_5442clad keyboard was much better than my original Kensington (left) and tested Zagg (right), zaggkeyboard141209both which were great. Still the Brydge is not meant to be taken apart or even service the battery, from what I can tell. I’ve narrowed down the problem (I think) to a loose or faulty USB socket on the device since I’ve tried several cords with different clearance plug ends. None of them work correctly but a couple will eventually make a connection "IF" I wiggle and pressure the tip down away from the key surfaces (illustrated above).


Thankfully the Brydge keyboard does not need to be charged often as the iPad, but without a way to fix it, I think its days are numbered. Perhaps I’ll start looking for a new iPad/Brydge pairing in 2019?


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