Books: Starting “The Next Hundred Years’ War” by Eran Nitzan

Posted By on October 7, 2023

Eran Nitzan bookThis past week I started a book titled “The Next Hundred Years’ War” — it grabbed my attention from the ‘Preface’ and captured my attention to the point I could not comfortably put it down.

Eran Nitzan, served as Israel’s economic attaché in Washington DC, and began his book with the back and forth conversation at a social meeting with different Chinese representatives. The polite back and forth highlights the difference between an “open” democracy and the “restrictive” Communist party’s hierarchy in a heavily controlled society; those representing China had little interests in social conversation, polite humor or sharing their personal opinions. Perhaps most interesting was the comment from a Chinese delegate that “you can’t feed a billion and a half people with democracy”  (see excerpt below the break).

I can’t wait to see where the book takes readers has Mr. Nitzan addresses “the impact of the imminent war between China and the United States.”

Book text on Amazon

You can’t feed a billion and a half people with democracy

Chapter One


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