A wedding and reception with Katie and Jason Kirklin

Posted By on November 13, 2023

Katie and Jason - The Spot in Cincinnati, OH

We attended and enjoyed the wedding for Taylor’s long time “birthday buddy” and grade school, high school and college friend Katie Gormas to Jason Kirklin in downtown Cincinnati this weekend. Beside a high traffic parking fiasco that almost made us late, the evening was very nice.Megan and Taylor Taylor and Megan arrived even a few minutes after us so we weren’t too late as it seemed (the wedding was also delayed a few minute to accommodate others having the same problem). Whew. 

Table 18


The ceremony was very nice and we all enjoyed the reception at the same location, The Spot on West Fifth in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio. Our table #18 of the parents of Katie’s friends was somewhat mature. 😉 

Brenda, Rich, Megan and Taylor


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