Tech Friday: Replaced the battery in my iPhone 7 plus

Posted By on December 22, 2023

A couple weeks ago I mentioned ordering a $20 battery on Amazon for my iPhone 7 Plus. I probably really should be in the market to replace this phone, but even though the iOS can’t be upgraded, it still functions pretty well. The camera on ALL phones has been improved, but at $1000+ dollars, I’m just not ready for an iPhone 14 or 15 yet. Perhaps if Apple starts to discount a few dollars?

Battery Kit

Anyway, I somewhat failed in replacing the battery as getting the old one released from the sticky tape had me prying (after the white ribbon glue snapped). In the process, I broke the ribbon cable that connects the Taptic Engine. Ugh. Somewhat thankfully Brenda’s old iPhone 7 was in the pile of gadgets and so thought perhaps it used the same Taptic Engine … it does not … BUT it could be modified and the plug fits!

Taptic Engine from 7 plus vs iPhone 7

After an hour of tinkering, I managed to Jerry-Rig my phone back together, charge it up and it pretty much works as before. My assumption is that with the smaller Taptic Engine, there isn’t quite the same feedback as from the larger one found in the iPhone 7 Plus? 


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