Tech Friday: Apple news for 2024 and an iPhone 7 plus battery

Posted By on December 8, 2023

While doing a little tech reading this week, it doesn’t look as if Apple is planning more than incremental updates for the MacBooks and iPads for spring … although they do like to surprise us? 

Apple plans to refresh the MacBook Air around March 2024, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman said today in a report on Apple’s future iPad and Mac plans. Updated 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro models are in the works.

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As Apple overhauled the MacBook Air ‘s design in 2022 and then introduced a larger model in 2023, no design changes are planned for the 2024 models. The focus will instead be on new internal hardware, including the updated M3 chip.


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Apple’s 2024 iPad Pro models will feature OLED displays, a first for the iPad lineup. Apple has been using OLED technology for the iPhone and the Apple Watch, but larger OLED screens are more expensive. Compared to LED or mini-LED, OLED brings deeper blacks and more vivid colors. OLED displays will be a Pro-only feature, with the iPad Air to continue to use standard displays.


I’m not in the market for anything new when it comes to computers or tablets at this point anyway, but am planning to “try” to self-replace the battery in my older iPhone 7 Plus since it is drained by afternoon. I also read that software in iOS slows down the phone to preserve battery power when it detects a “struggling battery.” 

AMZN order of iPhone7plus battery

So … I’ve placed an order with a seller on Amazon that has a few more reviews than other sellers (unfortunately not all reviews are positive … but who knows when batteries are all made in China and people are self replacing?) 


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