Treasures found prepping old workbench for my granddaughters

Posted By on June 6, 2024

My Grandpa Bluhm made this workbench and gave it to me for Christmas back in 1966. His influence early-on likely influenced my interest in tinkering and woodworking (car restoration and rebuilding was probably mostly influenced by DadC)

Modified Christmas present from my Gpa Bluhm - Dec 1966

This past weekend I cleaned it up a bit and added a homemade light strip with a roll of LEDs taped (as with the bookshelves) to my late father-in-law’s unused 4 foot aluminum level (DadH) that needed a storage solution (half joking). But the primary purpose was to create a work/play-station for my granddaughters in my workshop. While cleaning out the draws and tightening them up, I found a bunch of childhood memories, and to make this a ThrowBack Thursday #TBT post … here are two of the many treasures:

  1. My first fish cleaning knife (who knows how many Yellow Perch heads this knife has severed?) 
  2. Extra 1974 Capri steering wheel inserts – my true first car (click photo for larger)

Capri Steer Wheel inserts Capri Steering Wheel inserts


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