Tech Friday: Finally upgraded to a ‘paid’ subscription

Posted By on June 7, 2024

C'mon, Make MoneyDead Twitter BirdI’ve been using Twitter, which is now after Elon Musk purchase $TWTR and renamed it, since the early days of the 240 character social network. Shockingly, it has now been over 17 years since I joined in February of 2007RichC Verified and I decided it was finally time to eliminate the ads and gain the “verified” Blue Check and pay for the only social media service I use nowadays — it is also my go-to newsfeed and automotive group chat messaging hub.

Also .. since I enjoy maps and WW2 history, I thought this thread from @BrilliantMaps was a great way to commemorate the 80th Anniversary of D-Day on June 6th 2024.

Brilliant Maps thread on

Larger map of D-Day 2400 hour


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