A couple interesting maps: Liberty Township development and severe weather map in Iowa looks like SW Ohio

Posted By on July 10, 2024

Liberty Township, Ohio development map

For those of us living in the Liberty Township, Ohio area for nearly 30 years now, the development map above  probably doesn’t come as a surprise. This once rural township is far more densely populated that it once was. With that growth comes challenges of keeping the heavy traffic and commercial growth from changing what attracted some of us and what we’ve enjoyed. 

Barn pile of lumber Taylor's photo of property

I’ve shared the removal of an older farmhouse and barn to the rear of our 4+ acre property earlier this year (above) and suspect this 2+ acre parcel is not going to be “just another house.” It doesn’t come as a surprise, but I suspect a medical/therapy office building and parking lot is being planned (watching for my township notice). This is commercial use space one step closer to us. That said, a “light use” office would be better than retail or restaurant … and far better than a 24/7 kind of business like a gas station or convenience store! Nevertheless, I’m keeping an eye on it.

Also spotted a couple cities/towns in Iowa from a severe weather map that stood out do to the city names and geographic location to each other … very SW Ohio looking, don’t you think?

Iowa Tornado map Cincinnati - Centerville Iowa

And I”m sticking in this photo of Mount Fuji in Japan just because I liked it! 😊 

Mount Fuji, Japan


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