A favorite breakfast: Scrambled eggs, bacon and hash browns

Posted By on July 7, 2024

Making Eggs and Bacon

Although we don’t eat out very much these days, having a breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon and hash browns is still a favorite of mine — OJ is an extra treat. BreakfastBack when I would make more appointments with customers, meeting at Bob Evans or even picking up a “foam box breakfast” at the Silver Swan next door to my office was a real treat.

SilverSwan and CPP Map - 2024

Taylor and I did it when studying his spelling words and dropping off and waiting to pick up Katelyn practice at the skating rink. Father's Day card and balloonWhen I was taking my dad out after mom passed away, we would almost always go to the Bob Evans in Sidney, Ohiohe’d order the senior breakfast and me the “Mini Sampler” … and I still do it to this day.  I still occasionally meet my buddy Jeff there, although less frequent these days. When exchanging granddaughters, Bob Evans is a favorite stop … just as we did last month with Katelyn and Drew (BTW, thanks guys for the Father’s Day meal, balloon and card … it’s still floating).😊 

But these days I’ve turned to fixing breakfast at home once in a while. It’s probably not the healthiest Saturday morning breakfast … but it sure tastes great. 


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