Music Monday: Replaying the song “Kodachrome” by Paul Simon and the drowning of my Apple iPhone 7 Plus

Posted By on July 8, 2024

Today’s Music Monday is a redux of a previous post regarding the popular 1973 song “Kodachrome” by Paul Simon song (of Simon and Garfunkel and solo fame). The song came up in a conversation Kodachromeon Sunday afternoon with Megan and Taylor as they were showing a “slides” wall display of hundreds of old transparencies all mounted in the original 35mm processed slides. I pulled out a box of my dad’s slides and they were both impressed as the wheels started spinning — a possible use for them in some kind of artistic decor???

Anyway the conversation lead to Kodak’s Kodachrome film as the the 35mm film of choice for most color photographers “back in the day” … my dad included.

 Paul Simon – “Kodachrome”  |  1973

Unfortunately the day was not without a disaster. I foolishly slipped into the swimming pool to cool off and relax with the kids only to realized I had my iPhone in my pocket. Ugh! So much for holding off until September’s iPhone 16 announcement to replace my aging 2017 phone

Last photo with iPhone 7 Plus - 240707 iPhone 7 Plus demise

The above selfie was the last photo with the “free” iPhone 7 Plus (relaxing and reading in the pool). After slowly drying and late evening attempts to dry in out …  including opening it up and drying it with my shrink wrap gun … the damage had already been done. Time to shop for a new smartphone! ☹️ 


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