Audi R10 TDI: diesel #1 at Sebring

Posted By on March 19, 2006

Audi R10 TDI
Not only does diesel reign supreme in efficiency when hauling loads down American highways and rails, but now looks to be able to dominate on American racetracks as well. (see “Backstretch Motorsports“)

The #02 Audi’s R10 TDI diesel ‘torqued’ to a top finish and a new track record yesterday at Sebring in Florida after the #01 Audi had to be retired after about 4 hours due to overheating. Tom Kristenssen, Allan NcNish and Rinaldo Capello won the Mobil 1 Twelve hour American LeMans style race by three laps besting teams from Intersport Racing, Aston Martin Racing, Corvette Racing and Penske Racing even after starting the race from 34th position.

This is reportedly the first time an oil-burner has claimed victory in a major American auto race. (see previous post on the Audi R10)


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