Archiving Taylor’s 30th birthday party with photos and video

Posted By on June 11, 2019

We had a great 30th birthday party for Taylor and his friends on Saturday in the backyard … just as we have many times before. Happy30BirthdayTaylorSQAs a parent it is nice to know he has always enjoyed bringing friends to our house rather than going someplace else … and seemingly his friends are okay with it too? Either that means we don’t offend millennials all that much or they are mature and respectful friends (I’m sure it is the later).

Anyway, the day was long and the invite was open-ended as to his friends stopping by when they could. Brenda and I particularly enjoyed seeing both new and familiar faces – we couldn’t help but notice how “kids” who are now adults, have matured in their late 20’s and early 30’s. Some are married with children, others parents “to-be,” a few are newlyweds or engaged … and there are those who are single and still dating. Definitely a lot of change happens in the decade between age 25 and 35! (a compilation of photos and video below)

Brenda asked Taylor pick out his favorite party foods and the list included barbequing baby back ribs, Brenda’s macaroni salad and his late grandma Howard’s Key Lime Pie instead of a cake. TaylorMeganFamilyBday190608It made Brenda smile when Taylor’s lifelong friend Mike (who left an hour for his dad’s birthday) asked “hopingly” if there was a piece of Key Lime Pie left for him … as he shared the memories of Brenda’s mom making it for the guys when they visited Taylor’s grandparent over spring break in Florida. Good memories.

Taylor included his girlfriend Megan’s parents this year and that gave us a chance to talk with them. We’ve known Denny and Dave Schneider since Katelyn and Megan were in figure skating together (Megan was younger), but Dave and I really never had the time to talk. Dave is a super interesting guy and regaled me with story after story from his MGB, to his football coaching years and the many interesting celebrities/bands he met working security at several venues in Cincinnati; it is strange that I remembered him as a much quieter guy?  Boy was I wrong! (And learning about Dave’s years of working security at Riverbend while Megan was a little tike, at least NOW I understand Megan’s connection to Jimmy Buffett – I’ll work at getting a couple of photos for my blog!)


Below is a compilation of photos from the day … from eating, to opening presents (including a bunch of “Get Lost” hiking/camping items from Schneider’s dog – hm?), to pool and Knockerball.  Taylor and Mike finished the night off with fireworks and lightning the bonfire (2 years in the making on my part). Those of us older than 30 passed on roasting marshmallows and the making S’mores … but it was interesting, nobody stay late like the old days. 🙂


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