Fuel Efficient Driving

Posted By on April 2, 2006

Twin Chrysler 300c'sAn interesting segment on the PBS program Motorweek compared the driving style of two very different drivers. One driver was Henry Kopacz, one of the program’s staff test drivers who has a heavier foot and simulated an aggressive driving technique. The other was the director of the US Department of Energy’s Clean Cities program, Dennis Smith who emulated more fuel efficient driving practices. They drove identical Chrysler 300c vehicles with the Hemi V-8 engine. (its as cylinder deactivation)

The two drivers drove identical test loops and registered their mileage in each segment. I was surprise at the fractional differences in city style driving (about 4% different) while actually shocked that there was a nearly a 20% difference on the highway loop. Obviously driving slower at highway speeds makes a world of a difference. I keep an accurate online log of my mileage which is usually 75% highway driving at above speed limit speeds. If I can find the discipline, I might give a long slower speed highway run a try.


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