Palm Treo 700p is now official

Posted By on May 15, 2006

Palm 700p Official
The rumors are over and Palm officially released the long awaited new model replacing its hugely successful Treo 600 and 650 smartphones. On Monday their news release and website gave specifics similar to the many rumors of its release. Currently the only 700 model is the Verizon exclusive Treo 700w which is windows based. (the first using windows for and OS) For Palm familiar users, this 700 model was still a no-go until May 15th. Several upgrades have been included: EV-DO high speed internet service and a much faster processor are the two big ones, but many smaller additions are also part of the 700p. One highlighted difference between the Windows version and the Palm based version is the resolution of the display: 700w = 240×240; 700p = 320×320. Currently the only two carriers will be Sprint and Verizon, with Verizon the only carrier with both Windows and Palm based models.

I look forward to getting my hands on one — maybe as owner — and will detail more at that time. Nevertheless … the wait, speculation and rumors are over.
Operating System – Palm OS® 5.4.9
Memory – 128MB (60MB user accessible) non-volatile
Processor – Intel® XScaleâ„¢ 312MHz processor
Screen – 320 x 320 color TFT touchscreen display 16-bit color displays displays up to 65,536 colors
Wireless – CDMA 800/1900MHz digital dual-band, CDMA2000 EvDO network-backwards compatible with 1xRTT and IS95 networks, Bluetooth® 1.2 wireless support
Phone Features – Personal speakerphone, Hands-free headset jack, Microphone mute option, TTY/TDD compatibility, 3-way calling
Digital Camera – 1.3 megapixels with 1280×1024 resolution, Automatic light balance, 2x digital zoom, Integrated self-portrait mirror, Video capture with 352 x 288 resolution
Features – Speaker, 2.5mm headset jack is stereo headset compatible-requires a stereo headset adapter, sold separately, for use with standard stereo headphones, Polyphonic MIDI, MP3, WAV & video ringtone
External ringer on/off switch w/ vibrate mode, Audio, Full QWERTY key layout with backlighting, Integrated number dial pad, Keyguard feature, Keyboard, Support for MultiMediaCard, SD & SDIO cards, Expansion Slot Removable, rechargeable lithium-ion battery, Talk time: up to 4.5 hours, Standby time: up to 300 hours, Battery, Multi-connector on device, USB sync cable, AC adapter (108-132 VAC/60Hz), Power/Sync
Size – 2.28″ W x 5.08″ H (excluding antenna) x 0.89″ D / 58mm W x 129mm H x 58mm D
Weight – 6.4 ounces / 180 grams
Desktop Support Requirements
Windows® 2000 or Windows® XP Service Pack 2 (later versions may also be supported), USB port (USB sync cable included), CD-ROM drive
Mac OS 10.2.4-10.4, USB port (USB sync cable included), CD-ROM drive

EDIT: Received an email from Denny mentioning that I didn’tinclude the price … well that’s because it was’t ‘really’ known. I little digging though and I was able to at least glean that Sprint will be contracting it for $399. (Read PDF press release from Sprint)


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