Bill O’Reilly and Paul Hackett

Posted By on June 14, 2006

Paul Hackett Paul Hackett created a firestorm for both the Republicans and Democrats in Southwestern Ohio last year, and went on to suffer the wrath of his fellow Democrats, most likely because his outspoken ways and inability to tote the party line. (ie. waiting his turn) I’ve discussed him before here, as well as on other forums, and have been sort of paying attention to his career believing that he will eventually land a seat in politics. He was on the O’Reilly Factor for a few minutes last night discussing Iraq with Bill, and I found the interview interesting.

Hackett has always held and exhibited strong opinions, at least where he has been quoted or speaking; I’m not sure if that his personality, his Marine Corp training, his lawyering or just his ‘political angle?’ He’s been hard on Republicans and critical of Bush administration … so it was interesting to hear his perspective on the war in Iraq. I was especially impressed with his firmness and confidence in our military dealing with its troops “if “ they are found to have crossed the line on the battlefield. Good interview, but I’m not sure I want him as an Ohio Senator or Representative. (see interview clip below)

Bill O’Reilly and Paul Hackett discuss Iraq


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