The Jeep Liberty CRD is Dead

Posted By on June 7, 2006

Jeep Libery CRDI just drove the Jeep Liberty diesel (again) last week and was planning to make some comments on the vehicle … unfortunately a blog post in AutoBlogGreen mentioned that the Detroit News indicated Daimler Chrysler would be killing the CRD. According to the articles, the new tougher federal emissions standards coming next year make it difficult to meet with the existing engine … and Chrysler doesn’t want to put a new engine in the Liberty. Another bullet in the “kill the diesels” just as the newer clean fuels find their way to market. (ULSD and Biodiesel) Its tough loving the EPA and federal standards when they take all our diesel cars away! (see the “No VW TDIs for 2007” post)

I’ll post the short Motorweek long term road test of the Jeep Liberty below … 28 mpg highway … nothing to sneeze at for a ‘Trail-rated” 4 x 4, but it could have been better.
Jeep Liberty CRD Long Term Road Test


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