Addicted to Oil

Posted By on July 22, 2006

Dylan Ratigan of CNBC hosted a special last week that I recorded thinking that it would focus a bit more on a variety of alternatives … it did sort of, but for the most part was disappointing. There were two brief mentions of biodiesel at about the 25 minute and 36 minute marks and considerable conversation about ethanol. (not all that informative or complete in my opinion) The GE plant video segment on wind turbines was interesting as was the debate on what we should be doing to reduce our addiction. The conclusion that conservation techniques could really make a difference in the US demand was good as was the debate about producing more domestic petroleum. I don’t recall any concern for environment but all guests seem to agree that depending on middle east oil was not healthy for America.

Note: This video clip requires quicktime and is 40 minutes long and a fairly large download. A broadband connection is helpful for streaming. (watching while downloading)

CNBC Dylan Ratigan Oil Addiction Special


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