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Posted By on August 6, 2006

Bill SmithFord is running a series of “bold moves” promotional video clips marketing it changing ways. Episode 7 points to alternative fuels. (particularly ethanol) The video clip uses a new all ‘alternatives’ fuel station run by Bill Smith in Southern Pines, North Carolina to show that it might be possible to rotate away from ‘all’ petroleum in todays’ vehicles. It a ‘cute’ first day of sales where the brand new station and it excited employees sell all their fuel. Another funny segment is where Mr. Smith talks to the camera telling us that he is going to llower the prices a few cents and “to watch the station across the way” … sure enough, the worker comes out and matches the price to Mr. Smith’s amusement. (The station also sells Biodiesel!)
Videos below … Episode 7 is the one on Bill Smith’s alternative fuel station.

Episode 7

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